Manpower Supply

Technoserve Employees Provision Services (TEPS) is a company made up of a group of highly experienced manpower experts who share the desire and passion to supply the highest quality of services. Based in Abu Dhabi Technoserve is making a marked difference in the Manpower Supply business in The UAE.

We offer integrated and turnkey solutions for a wide scope of residential and commercial assets. Our team is skilled in the provision of both hard and soft facility management services which is essential to ensure assets operate at the highest standards.

Manpower Consultancy

It is vital to provide prompt access to an effective, efficient, and specialized workforce in all sectors. We have a work force that covers both offshore & onshore installations that include fixed platforms & floating production environment.

Corporate & Governmental

The TEPS has been serving the commercial, residential, hospitality, industrial and retail projects in the UAE with a talented team of technicians locally & readily available to respond to emergencies & meet requirements. The most complex mechanical systems may be installed and maintained throughout the Middle East by TEPS, a leading FM firm. We also perform general and specialized cleaning services, provide security services, and service HVAC equipment like big tonnage chillers and air filters.


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